Wide Area Wifi

Wide Area Wifi Multi-user

Currently, WiFi waves have become an almost indispensable thing for technology enthusiasts. We will face a lot of difficulties to update Facebook, check email, chat, watch youtube ... if the WiFi signal is not stable.
WiFi system at places such as cafes, hotels, restaurants... has become mandatory. Keeping this system running is also becoming increasingly important and difficult.
And to help you satisfy even the most demanding customers, BMPro company offers effective WiFi solutions for each of your business models at the most affordable cost.

Centralized management

All wifi transmitters have the same wifi name (ssid), the same password.
Can self-recognize wifi (roaming) when moving from one place to another without having to re-enter the password.
Remote centralized management by cloud.

Wide Area WiFi Network Solution - BMPro

Meet about technology

Meet current and future technology, ensure long-term use, easy to use and maintain the system

Saving - Efficiency

Save costs for businesses, and at the same time ensure stable system operation.

Stability - Security

Layered design and separate modules create high stability, limit the scope of influence of the whole system and Security is taken into account to limit data loss, external and internal attacks.

Scalability - Availability

Easily make changes and extensions. The system is designed with high fault tolerance, allowing network services to operate continuously in the event of a failure.

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BMPro specializes in building Network Infrastructure, Wide Area Wifi and many users. With a team of highly specialized telecommunications technicians, we will advise you on solutions and install a stable Wifi network.

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