IT Onsite Professtional Service

IT Onsite / IT Helpdesk ?

IT Onsite is a service for hiring IT personnel. BMPro hires IT human resources who have been trained, professionally trained in management and operation of information technology systems to help customers manage IT systems at the place of installation or use of the system. The selected personnel will work at the required address, perform the work within the responsibilities of the job description and comply with the client company's rules.
Dịch vụ IT Onsite cho doanh nghiệp
Cho thuê nhân sự it onsite cho doanh nghiệp

IT Onsite Service brings many benefits:

  • Hire IT no recruitment costs
  • Hire IT Onsite without worrying about benefits
  • BMPro has IT professional staff with technical support team behind
  • Onsite IT service does not interrupt work
  • IT Onsite does not cost and time training
  • IT Onsite can work part-time, full-time, or seasonally

Why you should choose BMPro?

We build a team of employees: Honesty, Good Work Attitude, High Professional Qualification. Always standardize processes to better serve customers

1. Saving

Save costs compared to recruiting IT staff but the efficiency is superior.

2. Professtional

With a team of professional staff, always improving processes

3. Fast response times

Commit after only 5 minutes of online support, 30-60 come directly (only at BMPro).

4. Technical Experience

BMPro has a skilled technical team, working speed is fast and efficient, does not affect the customer’s business.

5. Safe and highly secure Data

Data is automatically backed up, BMPro is committed to protecting customer data.

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6. Loan equipment

Lending equipment for repair and warranty